What’s The Difference Between Wheat and Gluten?? And Should You Eat Either?

Tired? It May Be Your Lunch

Wheat, gluten, carbohydrates and grains are buzzwords on our “things to avoid” list for most of us who are into wellness and health. Do you remember the Jimmy Kimmel segment when he asked people in the street if they eat “gluten”. Responses were similar to: “Noooooo”. “Gluten is bad for you. Everyone knows that.” “It […]

Are You Inflamed? If You Are Not Sure– Take this Inflammation Quiz to find out!


Check out this inflammation quiz below!. Inflammation is sometimes hard to identify. In fact, some inflammation is good. But chronic inflammation can cause some major problems. SO how do you even know if you are inflamed? There are a bunch of symptoms that may signal that you suffer from it. In fact– there are so […]